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Tulle Flowers

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I love to help out my friends and family with party planning.  I'm making beautiful vases today using my tulle flowers.  This is a fun and creative idea to really change the look of a simple vase.  And, these are so easy to make, you need:

I'm using clear cylinder vases that are 7" tall and about 3 1/2" wide.  The theme colors are pink and silver. 

I chose a pretty silver sparkle scrapbook paper.  I purchased these in 12"x12" sheets and just cut them in half so that they're 12"x6".  You can make these in any size you want that will fit around your vase.  The 12" size is perfect for the vase I'm using.  I get less than 1" overlap.

Next you'll want to wrap the scrapbook paper around the vase and secure it with tape or hot glue.  I use tape first to get it in position and then use a drop of hot glue on top and bottom for a more sturdy bond.

Add the 1" satin ribbon band next.  Again, I hold it in place with tape first and then dab some hot glue.  I'm adding these to the center of the vase.  You can place them where ever you like.

Last, but not least, I add my tulle flower.  Just dab on some hot glue and secure to the ribbon.  Don't be shy, if you want to add more flowers around the vase you can :)  Also, if you have table numbers, you can add the card above the flower.

And finished!

Simple, elegant and beautiful vases!  We're going to add baby's breath to these on the day of the shower.

Now to make 14 more :)